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100+ Club, St Columba’s

The Club helps to raise additional funds for the parish.  All members pay £2 a month. Each month there is one draw on the last Sunday of the month, the prize is £50. Promoter Maureen Clark.
Download application form here (PDF)

200 Club, St Andrew’s

The Club helps to raise additional funds for the parish, intended mainly to pay for the Senior Parishioners Christmas party. All members have to do is to pay £12 in advance in envelopes which are provided. Each month there will be three draws, £10, £25 and £50. Promoter Andre Barallon.  
Download application form here (PDF)

Altar Servers

Responsible Person, St.Andrew's: Edwina Cummings
Young people are trained on how to serve Mass and what their responsibilities are during all liturgies. There is no specific meeting place.


Baptism of Children
Baptism means more than a ceremony in church. It means a decision and commitment to bring up a child as a Christian and member of the Church. A few weeks before the ceremony, please speak to Father Gerald and he will give you information and the relevant paperwork. You can then arrange a suitable time and date with him. Baptisms are normally celebrated on Sundays, preferably during the 10 am Mass when the whole community can be present, although, when circumstances dictate, baptisms can be celebrated outside of Mass.

Baptism of Adults
See under RCIA


Responsible Person:  Mary Buckley
The parish bulletin is printed weekly and carries information about the liturgy, news of parish activities and dates of forthcoming events. Items of information for the bulletin are always welcome.

 Children's Liturgy

Responsible Persons, St.Andrew's: Ana Price; St.Columba's: Janet Grimley
St Andrew's celebrates a special liturgy for young children during the 10 am Mass on Sundays, often using activities to help the children explore the topics covered in the scripture readings.
Run by a group of parents on a rota basis it is a good way for young children to gain an understanding of the main focus of Mass through a simple and friendly programme. New volunteers are always welcome. If you can help please contact Ana on 01387 269000.

At St.Columba's the group work in pairs on Sundays during school term times, and follow a rota organised by Janet Grimley.

Church Cleaners

Responsible Persons, St.Andrew's: Pat O'Neill; St.Columba's: Geraldine Revie
The members of the parish who are involved help to clean the church on a weekly basis on as well as before major liturgical events such as Christmas and Easter. New volunteers are always welcome. There is no specific meeting place.

Church Shop

Responsible Persons, St.Andrew's: Mary HairstainsSt.Columba's: Maureen Clark and Pat McElhone
The shop has a selection of cards in stock for all occasions and seasons.  It also carries gifts, such as rosaries, prayer leaflets, statues etc. Catholic newspapers are also available.

Eucharistic Ministers

Responsible Persons, St.Andrew's: Sean McKay; St.Columba's: John Flaherty
Eucharistic Ministers bring Holy Communion to the faithful, either within the liturgical setting or to the homes of the sick and housebound in one or more of the following ways:

- bring Holy Communion to the sick and housebound
- administer Holy Communion under both Kinds during Mass
- lead services of the Word and Holy Communion if and when required.

If you are interested in serving the community as a Eucharistic Minister please speak to Sean  at St.Andrew's, John Flaherty at St.Columba's or Father Gerald.


Responsible Person: Mary Buckley
The Facebook page is used to keep parishioners up-to-date with events, times etc. Anyone can post on this page...  and

Fairtrade Group

Responsible Person: Josephine Rennie
The Fairtrade Group promotes the use of ethically traded products within our parish community, and through their efforts, St. Andrew's has been awarded the status of a "Fairtrade Parish". The group operates a stall selling Fairtrade goods in the Church porch on the last weekend of each month.

Family Prayer Ministry

All parishioners are encouraged to join the Family Prayer Ministry and say the prayer at home each day. Membership forms and Prayer Request forms, and a box to put them in, are at the back of the church. The names of those for whom you have asked us to pray are placed on the Lady Altar each month.

Finance And Fabric Committee

Key personnel, St.Andrew's: Gerald McGill; St.Columba's: Dick Brown
The Committee maintains the fabric of our buildings and advises the parish priest on all financial matters. The Committee meets as and when required.

Flowers For The Ch urch

Responsible Persons, St.Andrew's: Carol McQueen, Helen McMillan,
The flowers in the church are the work of volunteers who take care of the usual week-to-week altar decoration, in addition to any "special" occasions, such as weddings, etc., if required. There is a list of names and phone numbers on the notice board in the church.

Gift Aid 

If you pay tax, consider making a Gift Aid Declaration and use the envelopes or a Standing Order for your offering. It costs you nothing. In both cases you have to complete a Declaration form available in the church, online or contact Father Gerald for details.
Download application form - St.Andrew's; St.Columba's

Holy Communion For The Housebound

Often, as we get older, we are unable to attend Mass and need to receive the Sacrament at home. The priest normally takes Communion to the housebound when able but Eucharistic Ministers can do this after Sunday Mass and at other times. Please let Father Gerald know if you, or a loved one is unable to get to Mass and he will arrange for Holy Communion at home.

Hospital Visits

Please let Father Gerald  know if you or a relative has been admitted to hospital and would like to be visited by the Chaplain. Hospital procedures prevent the chaplains being told automatically if a member of their parish community is in hospital.

Jars of  Hope

Responsible Persons, St.Andrew's: Josephine Rennie; St.Columba's: Moira Aitken and Geraldine Revie
Members of our parish who fill them with coins turn empty jars into 'Jars of Hope'.  This is an ongoing project and the money is used to help the underprivileged of our world, or sent to disaster areas whenever and wherever needed.  It means that money is always ready and available to go where most needed at the discretion of the Parish Priest and the PPC.  Look out for regular updates in the Parish Bulletin.

Ladies' Circle

Secretary: Catherine Scott 
The Ladies' Circle meets in the church hall on the second and fourth Tuesdays of the month until June. The meetings are for mutual support and also to plan, discuss and organise the various works in which they are involved, such as coffee mornings, jumble sales, social events and annual retreats. Guest speakers are often invited to the meetings. A wide and varied range of topics are and have been covered.

Library/Resource Centre

Responsible Person, St.Andrew's: Darren Miller
A big part of being a community is the things we share. As a faith community the most important thing we share is our faith. The library provides groups and individuals with the resources to learn about, deepen and pass on their faith. If you have a book that has helped you on your spiritual journey and would like to donate it, it would be gratefully received.
The resource centre is open before and after Mass.

Liturgy Group

Responsible Persons, St.Andrew's: Kevin Jones; St.Columba's: PPC 
The Liturgy Committee
ensures the smooth running of the Sunday Liturgy and major feast days e.g. Christmas, Easter and St Andrew's Day; has responsibility for Readers, Eucharistic Ministers and Welcomers. It works in consultation with the Parish Priest and meets regularly and before major liturgical celebrations.


Marriage preparation is an invaluable opportunity for couples to prepare for the Sacrament of Marriage. Through meetings with a married couple, you will have the opportunity to discuss important aspects of married life.  This allows you to concentrate on the lifetime commitment of marriage.
This Sacrament normally takes place in the Parish Church of the bride, but these days there is some flexibility.  Couples should contact the Parish Priest six months to a year before their wedding day.


Responsible Persons: Kevin Jones and Anne Murdy; St.Columba's: Vicky Freeman and Rita Howard
St Andrew's has a number of cantors and choir members who lead the music during the liturgy.  Choir practice is usually held on Monday evenings in the lead-up to Christmas and Easter. We are always looking for new singers and musicians. Please contact Father Gerald, Kevin or Anne if you are able to offer your talents in this ministry.
In St.Columba's, Vicky and Rita meet regularly and organise the music.

Ninian Club

Responsible Person at St.Andrew's: Rebecca Copland
The Ninian Club is for children who cannot attend St. Andrew's or St.Columba's RC Primary Schools. The club prepares children for the Sacraments of Reconciliation, First Communion and Confirmation.
- Pupils in Primary 3 - Introductory phase
- Primary 4 - Sacramental Preparation.
- Primary 5-7 - Faith Exploration.

In St.Andrew's, the club runs for ten Saturday mornings from 11 am - 1 pm in the Church hall from September until Easter. One extra meeting is held after Easter for final Sacramental preparation. Dates of sessions are posted on the notice board in the church.

Responsible Person at St.Columba's: Pat McElhone
The St.Columba's group meets every Sunday after 12noon Mass until 2pm.

Nursery (St Andrew's Nursery)

Responsible Person: Mrs Fiona Douglas.
Telephone: Work: 07817 636212, Home: 01387 254376
Times: Monday to Friday: 9.15am - 12.25pm, 
Early Birds Session from 8.30 am – cost £1.50
Stay and Messy Play Session for Birth to 3 years on a Friday morning from 9.30 – 11 am - £3 a session

The aim of the nursery is to provide a friendly, secure and caring environment and promote happy, creative, interactive and structured play for children aged 2 years 9 months to 5 years. It  follows the Curriculum for Excellence and is in partnership with the Local Education Authority.  It aims to give the children a variety of experiences in and out of the playroom and encourage them to achieve everything they would like to do and more.  See

RCIA  - Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults

Responsible Persons: Gerry Lynch; St.Columba's: Cath Flaherty and Pat McElhone
The Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults (RCIA) is the way the Church welcomes new members. A small group, representing the parish community, meets regularly to welcome, support and answer the questions of newcomers.  If you would like to join our Church, or if you would like to be part of the group, contact Father Gerald or speak to someone you know from the parish.


Responsible Persons, St.Andrew's: Yvonne Copland; St.Columba's: John Flaherty
Readers play a very important part in the Liturgy of the church.
If you are interested in serving the parish as a reader please speak to Yvonne, John or Father Gerald.

Sacrament of the Sick

Great care and concern should be taken to see that those of the faithful whose health is seriously impaired by sickness or old age receive this Sacrament. We should not follow the wrongful practice of delaying its reception. This is not a sacrament of the dying or the 'Last Rites'. Holy Communion, in the form of Viaticum is the 'Last Sacrament'. Please contact Father Gerald if you or a loved one is seriously ill.

St.Columba's Playgroup

Responsible persons: Marie Dunbar and Natalie Kennedy
Telephone number: 01461 204097
Times: Monday to Friday (term time) 8.50am-12.00pm(morning session)
and 12.20pm-3.30pm(afternoon session)

Snack cost: 60p per day
Packed Lunch fee (provided by parents) £1
Private session fee: £6

The aims and objectives of St Columba’s Playgroup is to provide a safe and stimulating environment in which children can feel happy and secure from the ages of 2 years 9 months to 5 years. We feel we value and encourage the importance of children’s emotional, social, physical and creative development. We also feel our outdoor area is an integral part of our children’s learning experience and allows them to continue their creativity in a different environment.

St Mary's New Abbey

We are fortunate to have another church in our parish, St Mary's New Abbey. The Rev. Thomas Bagnall built this beautiful old church in 1824, at a time when Catholics did not advertise their presence and it is 'hidden' by the Chapel House in Main Street. The church is no longer used for regular Sunday Masses, but is not closed.

St Vincent De Paul Society

The St Vincent de Paul Society helps those in need regardless of race, religion or age.  In this parish it is based on visiting the elderly, the housebound, and the sick (both at home and in hospital), and to a lesser extent, the local prison.

We provide funds for emergency help for individuals, as well as supporting the ‘First Base’ foodbank.  Individual members help our at the ‘Drop In Centre’ for the homeless to which we regularly donate provisions.

We are twinned with Conferences in India and South Africa.

If you are interested in becoming a member of the local Conference, please speak to any of the members, who take the SSVP retiring collections.

The Thomas Bagnall Centre

The Thomas Bagnall Centre is situated in the former Chapel House at St Mary's New Abbey. A small group of parishioners have developed the house so that it can be used as a venue for retreats and days of recollection. It can also be used for a quiet and restful holiday. For further information  see

Web Sites

Responsible Person: Dave Buckley  -
The web site contains the weekly bulletin, photos and information about parish events and information and times of special services. There are also links to other related web sites.